Will iPhone prices increase or stay the same in 2023?

Smartphone selling prices have increased gradually over the years and this trend will continue next year.

Apple announced the first iPhone for $499 in 2007, an attractive price at the time. But gradually, the price of the iconic "Apple House" product has steadily increased due to a number of factors, including technological progress. The tech giant also faces consistent pressure to keep growing its booming iPhone business, which accounts for nearly half of its revenue.

First iPhone.

Apple 's iPhones have become more expensive over the past 15 years. What's not clear, however, is whether that trend will continue next year when the iPhone 15 Series arrives. With macroeconomic challenges dampening smartphone demand and Apple's history of price changes, it's hard for experts to make predictions.

"There's enough bearish pressure in the market right now so Apple won't easily raise prices," said Bryan Ma, an analyst at Venture Capital Organization International Data Corporation.

How has the price of the iPhone changed over time?

Today's iPhones are significantly more expensive than Apple's early iPhone models. However, the strongest price increase has occurred in the past 6 years. In 2016, the price of iPhone 7 increased to 649 USD (about 15.58 million VND). The following year, Apple charged an extra $50 (about VND 1.2 million) for the iPhone 8, and in 2018, the iPhone XR continued to cost $50 more (from $749 to $17.98 million).

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The price of iPhone is still increasing year by year.

When introducing the iPhone 11 in 2019, their starting price was reduced to 699 USD (about 16.78 million VND). The following year, the iPhone rose to its highest price ever: $829 for the iPhone 12 — thanks in part to the advent of 5G. In just 6 years, the starting price of a standard iPhone has increased to $180 at face value without adjusting for inflation.

In fact, "Apple Defect" has not increased the price of the standard iPhone and iPhone Pro for 2 years since the iPhone 12. However, it has adopted smart pricing strategies that make it more expensive to buy the iPhone line.

For next year's iPhone 15 Series, "Bad Apple" could keep the price of the standard iPhone 15. However, the selling price of the ultra-premium iPhone 15 Pro Max or iPhone 15 Ultra will be pushed higher. This is in line with the prediction from famous analyst - Ming Chi Kuo. He thinks that Apple will make a more clear distinction between the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max models. He affirmed, this is an effective strategy to generate more revenue/greater profit in a mature market.

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The price of the iPhone 14 Pro pair is "extremely high".

Increasing phone prices is inevitable as technology evolves. New features like 5G, advanced cameras, and foldable screens all make for more expensive phones.

Currently, the selling price of foldable smartphones like Galaxy Z Fold 4 is still quite high - up to 40.99 million VND but still lower than some versions of iPhone 14 Pro / iPhone 14 Pro Max. In particular, the iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB version has the highest price - 49.99 million VND.

Worldwide iPhone prices

Despite the skyrocketing iPhone prices, many people can still own a new iPhone because suppliers often launch continuous discounts, support old-renew collection, and attractive installment plans.

While Apple kept iPhone prices fairly stable in the US, it still raised prices in some Asian and European countries. iPhone buyers in the UK were faced with a price increase of around $80 for the iPhone 14. With that, users in Japan will have to buy the iPhone 14 Series for about a bit more. 150 USD (about 3.6 million VND) compared to iPhone 13, mainly due to the depreciation of the Yen.

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