Why are computers mainly made of aluminum or plastic?

When buying a new laptop or tower computer, users often don't consider their case materials.

Most laptops are made of plastic or some are made of aluminum. Meanwhile, tower computers are made of aluminum, although there are some plastic components. Have you ever wondered why they are not made of other materials?

Why are computers mainly made of aluminum or plastic?  - first

There is a large variety of materials that can be used to make a laptop or tower computer. For example wooden computers, or even some placed in cardboard boxes. But in the end, plastic and aluminum are the most commonly used materials.

Basically, there are three reasons why these materials are used. First, they are an extremely rich source of raw materials. Next, they are quite easy to manipulate and use to create different designs. Finally, the most important thing is that the price of these materials is quite low.

The best choice today for making computers is aluminum. This is a material with high strength, while providing lightness compared to other materials. This is because the case is made of plastic with limited installation components. In addition, plastic has negative elements, with the main point being that it is harmful to the environment. We are now starting to see laptops made in part with recycled plastic. Besides, plastic is also a material that does not have good impact resistance.

Why are computers mainly made of aluminum or plastic?  - 2

Of course, as is common sense, all materials have positive and negative elements. Aluminum is more expensive than plastic, and its handling is somewhat more complicated. Meanwhile, plastic is very cheap and easy to handle, except for its less bearing capacity than aluminum.

The point is, plastic is still a very cheap material and offers many positives. Even with a bad reputation for environmental problems, the world has yet to find an effective alternative. For laptops, it is often used because there is no better material for the goal of cutting end product costs and ensuring light weight.

Why are computers mainly made of aluminum or plastic?  - 3

The most suitable option to replace plastic is aluminum. However, using aluminum means increasing production costs and increasing the weight of the machine. Recycled plastic will be used in the future, and we will start to see laptops made partly from recycled plastic, usually between 20-35%. There are also some cases where manufacturers use wooden cases for computers, but it is not a good idea to combine with electrical equipment.

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