The new generation Ford Everest appears at the dealer


The new generation Ford Everest is now at the dealer and ready for the launch date next month.

At a Ford service workshop in Hanoi, there was a sudden appearance of the Everest 2023 SUV model with two versions said to be Sport and Titanium, according to rumors the two models above are said to be used for product training. for sales consultants.

According to unidentified sources, there will be 4 versions of Ford Everest including Titanium 2 bridges, Titanium 1 bridge, Sport one bridge and Ambiente one bridge with manual transmission. All are equipped with a 12-inch vertical center screen, except for the 10-inch manual version.

Based on the captured images, the appearance of the Titanium version can be seen when there are details such as the grille, mirror covers, chrome door handles, 20-inch 2-tone wheels, sunroof, 360-degree camera, roof rack and front bumper in silver.

Besides, there is also the appearance of the Sport version with the exterior painted dark in many details, including the 20-inch wheels, with the words Everest on the bonnet, the overall is somewhat sportier, but the light cluster Lighting is somewhat different from the high-end Titanium version.

There is also an image that is said to be the interior of the Sport version when it is only equipped with an 8-inch digital steering wheel, a gear lever similar to its predecessor, but still has an electronic handbrake and a large central screen. .

Currently there is no information on operation, but in the Thai market, Ford Everest has 2 engine options including: 2.0L diesel engine, for 170 horsepower capacity and extreme torque. 405Nm, 6-speed gearbox, rear-wheel drive. And the diesel engine block, 2.0L capacity twin turbocharger for a capacity of 210 horsepower and maximum torque of 500Nm, 10-speed gearbox with all-wheel drive system.

Ford Everest will be launched in the first week of July with more details. Before that, Ford Everest was seen many times testing on the streets of Vietnam and now sales agents have also received deposits for this model from the end of March with the expected handover time at the end of July and beginning of August. .

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