Real estate is easy to buy, difficult to sell


Real estate prices soar so that the liquidity is no longer there. This is leading t

o the fact that it is easy for customers to buy in, but to sell is extremely difficult. Along with that, after a series of control policies, real estate prices in the market officially cooled down.

Discount is still difficult to get out of stock

Ms. Lien, a real estate investor in Nha Be district (Ho Chi Minh City), said last time she sold a 94 m2 land plot in Phuoc Kien commune, Nha Be district for about 60 years. million VND / m2. However, due to few people asking while the demand for cash is urgently, she has decreased to about 56 million VND / m2. 

With this price, many people agree, but then the transaction can not take place because the customer "turns the car" no more. Another house she is also for sale at a price lower than about 10% of the selling price in the area, but for more than a month now, although many people are interested in looking, the house has yet to be sold. This is a general situation in Ho Chi Minh City when many investors are trying to escape but cannot.

Director of a real estate brokerage said that over the past month, real estate transactions are dripping, new investors are also difficult to sell, while it is not easy for small investors to sell. The market currently has a situation where it is easy to buy in but difficult to sell, although the asking price may be lower than the market price in the same region and much lower with hot times. The psychology of holding cash, waiting for the market to not only appear in stocks, has spread to the real estate market before a series of information on policies and finance unfavorable for both buyers and investors.

The real estate market has an easy trend of buying and selling in the secondary market. Kha Hoa

In Binh Duong, where the real estate market in recent years has been quite active, until now it has almost "turned off", there are not many transactions and prices have also started to go down, especially in the apartment segment. 

According to Mr. Nguyen Anh, General Director of A.T.P Company, Binh Duong is "standing still", especially the apartment segment, a segment that mainly serves investment needs, not real needs to live. 

The segment of apartments that customers buy, especially buying with bank loans, are facing many difficulties in investment efficiency, so there has been a phenomenon of selling at low prices to recover capital.

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