BMW i7 uses an electric motor with an additional armored version


German automaker BMW has confirmed that it is developing an all-new armored i7 series for key players.

In an interview with Forbes, BMW confirmed that it plans to develop a bulletproof version of the BMW i7 electric sedan that will rival the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Pullman Guard.

According to Forbes, the bulletproof version of the BMW i7 electric car will weigh at least 4 tons, some of the usual equipment and features may be cut to make room for equipment focused on protecting the occupants. car.

In terms of transmission, it is likely that the engine of the armored BMW i7 will be upgraded to produce more power than the xDrive60 version with a capacity of 536 hp and 744 Nm of torque. Because it is an electric vehicle, BMW also needs to pay special attention to ensuring maximum safety for the vehicle's battery.

As a rival to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Pullman Guard, the bulletproof BMW i7 will certainly also have solid armored body panels, bulletproof windows, new underbody guards and many other safety systems. To drive the bulletproof version of the all-electric sedan, the driver needs to learn through a specialized vehicle control course

At a Ford service workshop in Hanoi, there was a sudden appearance of the Everest 2023 SUV model with two versions said to be Sport and Titanium, according to rumors the two models above are said to be used for product training. for sales consultants.

According to unidentified sources, there will be 4 versions of Ford Everest including Titanium 2 bridges, Titanium 1 bridge, Sport one bridge and Ambiente one bridge with manual transmission. 

All are equipped with a 12-inch vertical center screen, except for the 10-inch manual version.

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