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Toyota Raize made netizens "wake up" recently - Where did the incident come from?


As planned, the new urban SUV model of the Japanese automaker Toyota Raize is expected to be launched at 19:30 today 4/11. Before its launch for a long time, this model has attracted a lot of attention. What is the reason for this?

A few years ago, users suddenly turned to SUV / CUV models. The reason given is usually because of the practicality of this car. Compared to other models, SUVs have the advantage in ground clearance and total space inside the vehicle. This trend can be seen clearly in the fact that car manufacturers that do not have a tradition of regularly producing SUVs have also invested in production. Such is the case with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce...

Toyota Raize brings on its freshness and difference. That's in the fact that the Toyota Raize is an A-class car - a small SUV. The length size of the Toyota Raize is 4,030 mm, the width is up to 1,710mm, along with the wheelbase of 2525 mm, enough to bring comfort to the occupants. In fact, this size is quite similar to the Ford EcoSport, but the difference will lie in the more attractive price of the Toyota Raize.

High practicality is probably another factor that may have contributed greatly to the attraction of Toyota Raize, as shown in the fact that the model currently has a pile of deposits until January 2021, even though it only has a temporary price of VND 530 million. . As an SUV model, Toyota Raize will have the advantage of interior space, ensuring that the occupants of the second row are not too constrained, as well as meeting the need to carry a large amount of luggage.

Looking at the equipment available on the Toyota Raize, a highlight that attracts many people's attention is the fact that the Toyota Raize is equipped with a turbocharged engine. Specifically, Toyota Raize will be equipped with a 1.0L 3-cylinder engine, but thanks to the turbocharger, it will produce up to 98 horsepower and 140Nm. This power is said to be no less than the naturally aspirated 1.5L engine. Theoretically, the turbocharged engine is even better in terms of torque, helping the car glide faster and better under heavy loads.

Besides, Toyota Raize is also equipped with many safety features. Notable equipment among them must be mentioned the number of airbags up to 6 units, front and rear reverse sensors, support for horizontal departure, electronic brake force distribution... Especially, Toyota Raize also equipped with 2 safety features commonly found on high-end models, which are blind spot warning and cross-traffic warning when reversing.

Because of its small capacity but large capacity, the turbocharged engine block is said to be more fuel-efficient than a naturally aspirated engine of the same capacity. This is especially important, not only because of the cost savings for the owner, this also contributes to the preservation of a finite amount of fossil energy. This is what makes the Toyota Raize stand out.

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