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Online dating and 4 ways to protect your mental health

 According to the New York Post, online dating can bring about the expected "in the clouds" emotions, excitement, but also insecurity and bad feelings when rejected.

An article about social anxiety and the use of dating apps shows that, even if it's virtual, if we can't find our ideal type on a dating app, we still feel deeply disappointed.It is estimated that one in four adults has a mental health problem. So check out Rhonda Alexander's tips for maintaining mental health while online dating, CEO of dating app Fluttr.

1. Find your self worth

If you feel very sad when you don't get a response from the person being "matched" and feel low about not being noticed by others, you may be looking for self-worth through dating app.

“Online dating statistics show that the number of times that have been paired but not texted back accounts for 50%. You should not rely on this foundation to judge your self-worth. Instead, be real and take better care of yourself. You should pay attention to yourself before you seek attention from others.”

2. Stop pleasing everyone

This applies to both virtual and real dating. If you pay attention to everything other people say, agree with them, and act on what they say, that's a bad sign. This behavior stems from a fear that others will lose interest if you don't meet their needs.

“While enjoying love, make sure that making yourself happy takes precedence over pleasing others,” Ms. Rhonda said.

3. Responding to Rejection

Being rejected by someone can be very upsetting. According to Ms. Rhonda, it is very important to recover mentally before meeting new people. Being rejected by others on a dating app makes us feel bad because we're often showing the best version of ourselves online.

A study published by the University of North Texas (USA) found that many dating app users have low self-esteem and psychosocial health is affected by frequent rejections.Practice admitting and dealing with rejection. Share your feelings with family, friends, people you trust and let everyone support you.

4. You are not trash

According to the New York Post, online dating can make you feel like a jerk because someone matches or rejects you in a flash. Ms. Rhonda shared that the common experience of many dating app users is "abandoned". This happens when the “other half” suddenly disappears without explanation, leaving the “remainer” feeling alienated and hurt.

Research by the American Psychological Association shows that users of dating apps may begin to feel a loss of personalization in their social interactions. In addition to enjoying the app, users should pay close attention to pairing carefully to create quality relationships.

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