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Healthy and real natural cosmetics: The choice of green living believers

 Choosing products with healthy and real natural ingredients is the trend of the new era. Vietnamese brands have also caught up to meet that demand, featuring quality products that are highly appreciated and trusted by many women.

In modern times, the need to choose cosmetics / body care products of women has changed markedly due to the change in psychology. Especially when the epidemic is complicated, health factors are concerned and focused, strongly affecting consumers' choice and purchase decisions.

Natural cosmetics are a prominent trend in recent times. However, in reality, consumers are still faced with the "matrix" of cosmetics "labeled" with nature that is uncertain about the quality and effectiveness.

In order to have a right decision, ensure health and safety for themselves, women need to be more aware of the importance of choosing the right "healthy" and "real" natural cosmetics. Specifically, you can rely on a few criteria such as: Prestigious brand, transparency from the origin of input materials to the production process, quality products, which have been widely accepted by consumers. used and appreciated, leaving a buzz and reputation in the market...

Soft Grass: Pioneering with healthy and real natural cosmetic lines

Soft Grass is a Vietnamese brand that meets the above important requirements, ensuring to bring healthy and genuine natural cosmetic lines to consumers.

The brand was born in 2015 with a cherished idea, starting from the dream of Master Trinh Dang Thuan Thao. Graduating with a Master of Pharmacy in France and having 10 years of teaching experience at Hanoi University of Pharmacy, the woman has always nurtured a passion for natural cosmetics. As a mother, Thao struggled to find a way to make her own safe lip balm for her 1-year-old daughter. Gradually, from the initial tinkering steps, with long-term knowledge of Pharmacy and a passionate love of life, Master Trinh Dang Thuan Thao has succeeded in developing product lines of natural origin as desired.

Specifically, to ensure these two criteria, Ms. Thao pays special attention to the composition of the product. Those are pure natural ingredients such as rice, betel nut, aloe vera, cinnamon, green tea... absolutely do not contain harmful chemicals, so it is safe for health and the environment. Soft Grass even accepts no chemical additives, although the shelf life will be shorter, but it is safe for users.

All these products have to pass the process of demand survey, formula test, raw material finding, scale alignment, trial... with a closed cycle from R&D to production before reaching the user. The product design is also meticulously invested by the founder, with the packaging sketched by Hang Trong painting artists, imbued with the soul and spirit of Vietnam.
In particular, Co Soft's products are quality registered, certified by the Department of Health, many ingredients are recognized as safe for pregnant women, nursing mothers and widely sold in the market.

The criteria of "good" and "true" are also reflected in the people here. Accordingly, the employees of Co Soft always put the element of honesty first: being honest with customers, colleagues, partners about the use, ingredients and quality of products. During the journey of accompanying customers, the leaders and employees of Co Soft always focus on listening to feedback to closely meet the needs of customers, improve continuously to make the product more and more attractive. better.

Up to now, Soft Grass has left a mark in the hearts of customers with many outstanding product lines such as Toc May herbal shampoo, Natural soap Old smell, Silk lipstick, Sanitary foam Pink Betel nut, Aloe vera … The products have received good feedback from many consumers, including pregnant and nursing mothers.

With the message of giving quality products, receiving back the faith to love life, spreading positive energy in life, Soft Grass has been and is becoming a reliable "companion" of mothers in particular and Vietnamese women in general.

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