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Cosplay - The unique culture of Japanese youth

 Cosplay is one of the most popular terms when referring to Japan - the country with the most developed 2D industry in the world. Stemming from small makeup trends a few decades ago, Cosplay has now become a unique culture that develops strongly and diversely.

"Cosplay" is an English word created by the Japanese, which is a combination of two words "costume" (clothing) and "role play" (incarnation), written as "コスプレ" (kosupure) in Japanese. . Cosplay is used to refer to fans of a certain cultural or artistic product dressing up and imitating the gestures and styles of their favorite characters. The biggest inspiration for Cosplay is comics, cartoons, movies, novels, video games, or maybe even singers or artists.

Since the 60s of the last century, at the World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon, Science Fiction Festival) in the West, there have appeared people dressed as characters in fictional works, called repertoire. masquerade. Studio Hard's Nobuyuki Takahashi, after experiencing the 1984 festival in Los Angeles, wrote an article for My Anime describing this remarkable event. Referring to this event, he created a new term, using the usual Japanese way of taking the first syllable of existing words to combine into new words, thus "cos" (コス) of "costume" ” combined with “play” (プレ) becomes “Cosplay” (コスプレ).

Masquerade was introduced to Japan in the 70s, and Nobuyuki's article has blown this trend in the country of cherry. The term Cosplay he proposed took 1-2 years to become popular in the community of people who regularly attend festivals. By the 90s, thanks to the strong development of television and magazines, the cosplay trend developed even more strongly, the word "Cosplay" was also recognized and used by a large number of Japanese people. The previous masquerade trend gradually died out, but Cosplay has grown and spread from Japan to the world.

Cosplay is not simply a costume, it recreates favorite characters in a soulful way. Professional Cosplayers (Cosplayers) must pay attention to the appearance, gestures, and actions so that people can immediately see the characteristics of that character. 

Sometimes, Cosplay even creates situations and miniatures for the character to appear impressive. In addition to the free Cosplayer, there are many people who gather in groups to practice and perform together.
Cosplay costumes are very diverse and rich, from simple to complex, there are enough. Many people like to make their own cosplay costumes – a job that requires a lot of meticulousness and creativity. Many others prefer to use ready-made clothes for convenience. 
Due to the development of cosplay, popular characters have full sets of costumes that are sold on commercial websites or stores. Of course, Cosplayer will have to make his incarnation more vivid with makeup, props, hairdo and in some cases, adjust the whole body (weight gain, weight loss, bodybuilding) to suit. match the character.

Today, Cosplay is a popular activity in cultural festivals and bustling neighborhoods, there are many Cosplay competitions held around the world and professional cosplayers can even become photo models, get seen as a celebrity and has a fan base of its own. 

Not only is it a trend, it has become a prominent cultural feature in the community of movie, book, music enthusiasts in general and interested in the Japanese 2D industry in particular.

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