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Ben Tre Import-Export sold 2 million shares of GEG

 Vietstock - Ben Tre Import-Export sold 2 million shares of GEG (HN:GEG)

Ben Tre Import-Export Joint Stock Company has reported to have divested 2 million shares of Gia Lai Electricity JSC (HOSE: GEG) on November 15.

Accordingly, Ben Tre Import-Export lowered its ownership in GEG from 27.5 million shares (9.05%) to 25.5 million shares (8.4%). The total ownership of Ben Tre Import-Export and related party is Ms. Dang Huynh Uc My (Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of Ben Tre Import-Export) currently at 8.66%.

On November 15, GEG shares recorded exactly 2 million shares changed hands, so it is highly likely that this is a transaction of Ben Tre Import-Export. The deal value reached VND 41.4 billion, equivalent to an average of VND 20,700/share.

This is also the peak price of GEG in the market recently. At the end of the session on November 22, GEG's stock price is adjusting to VND 19,400/share.

Another development, GEG has just issued shares to pay dividends to existing shareholders, issued additional shares to existing shareholders and issued ESOP shares, increasing the total number of shares after the listing change. reached 303.7 million shares, equivalent to 3,037 billion dong of charter capital. The change date takes effect on November 3.

Change in the number of listed shares of GEG
Source: Resolution of the Board of Directors of GEG

Vietstock Daily 11/23/2021: Will banks and construction materials continue to support the market?
VN-Index ended the session down more than 5 points and returned to 1,447.25 points. Apart from the bright spot from banking stocks and construction materials, all the remaining industries had a sharp decrease. The MACD has shown a strong sell signal, so the risk of short-term correction remains.

- The market indexes traded at the same time and decreased in the session on November 22, 2021. Specifically, the VN-Index decreased slightly by 0.35% to 1,447.25 points; HNX-Index increased 2.06%, down to 444.62 points.

- Matching volume on HOSE reached more than 1.2 billion units, down 18.74% compared to the previous session. The matched volume on the HNX decreased by 27.96%, reaching nearly 181 million units.

- Foreign investors were net buyers on HOSE with a value of nearly 504 billion dong, net buyers on HNX with nearly 1 billion dong.

- VN-Index opened the trading session on November 22, 2021 with quite a struggle when continuously increasing and decreasing around the reference level. While stocks in the VN30 group gained strongly thanks to banking stocks, a series of Mid Cap and Small Cap stocks witnessed a sell-off of investors. The index's total score fluctuated slightly but the internal divergence was very clear. 

At the end of the morning session, VN-Index increased by 6 points to reach 1,458.35 points. In the afternoon session, VN-Index gradually turned down and could not end the session in the green. At the end of the session, VN-Index dropped more than 5 points, back to 1,447.25 points. Although it only decreased by more than 5 points, the whole market had 196 stocks that fell to the floor. The Mid Cap and Small Cap groups dropped sharply at 3.9% and 3.15%, respectively.

While the whole market fell deeply, VN30-Index increased by nearly 17 points. In the VN30 basket, there were 19 increasing stocks, 1 reference code and 10 discount codes. Leading the good gain of VN30 was the duo HDB (HM: HDB) and TPB (HM: TPB) with a dramatic gain. Following are banking stocks CTG (HM:CTG), MBB (HM:MBB), STB (HM:STB), BID (HM:BID) and ACB (HM:ACB), which increased by more than 3% on average. . Stocks POW (HM:POW), KDH (HM:KDH) and PLX (HM:PLX) were the three biggest losers, with a drop of around 6%.

With VN-Index, CTG, VCB (HM:VCB), BID and VIB (HM:VIB) are the codes with the most positive impact when together contributing more than 6 points to the market. Meanwhile, GVR (HM:GVR) and GAS (HM:GAS) were the two stocks that pulled the market down nearly 4 points.

- Mining group in the session on November 22, 2021 adjusted down 5.7%. Many stocks in the industry ended the session at the floor price, such as PVD (HM: PVD), KSB (HM: KSB) or TDN. Shares PVS (HN:PVS) fell 5.66%, PVC (HN:PVC) fell 9.16% and PVB fell 3.53%, etc. The whole mining group had only DHA.

Construction stocks also did not have a successful session, when 75/96 stocks ended the session below the reference level. Notably, there were 34 construction codes hitting the floor in the session of November 22, 2021. Industry leading stocks such as VCG (HM:VCG), REE (HM:REE), BCG or THD all fell more than 4% on average. Mid Cap stocks in the construction industry were listed on the floor like DPG, IDJ, TCD, CII (HM:CII), HBC (HM:HBC),….
- Besides EIB (HM: EIB) ended the session with a decrease of 0.36%, the remaining 18 banking codes all had very positive growth. Including the purple color of VIB, HDB or TPB. In addition, share prices of VPB (HM:VPB), TCB (HM:TCB), STB, SSB or SHB (HM:SHB) also ended the session with an increase of 2-3%. Thanks to that, the banking industry had the strongest growth rate in the whole market, increasing by nearly 3%.

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