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APG Securities offers 73.15 million shares, raising charter capital to VND 1,460 billion

 APG Securities – APG Securities (HM:APG) has just announced information about the public offering of shares. It is expected that 73.15 million APG shares will be offered to existing shareholders, corresponding to the ratio of 1:1 offering (shareholders who own 1 share get 1 right to buy, for every 1 vote they buy, they can buy 1 new share). ).

After this offering, the charter capital of APG Securities will increase to VND 1,460 billion. The offering price announced by APG Securities is 10,000 VND/share, equivalent to the total mobilized value of 731.53 billion VND. This money will be used by APG Securities to supplement capital for business activities, improve financial capacity and expand business scale. Time to register and pay to buy from December 14, 2021 to January 10, 2022.

After this offering to raise capital for existing shareholders, the company will have a private placement plan to raise its charter capital to VND2,200 billion with an expected offering price of VND20,000/share, thereby becoming one of securities companies with large capital scale in the market.

In 2022, APG Securities sets a revenue target of VND 1,000 billion, profit after tax of VND 500 billion, an increase of more than 3 times compared to this year. APG Securities strives by 2025, with charter capital reaching VND 10,000 billion, total assets reaching VND 20,000 billion and maintaining annual profit growth at 50%/year.

Market Beats 11/22: The trend is still unclear

VN-Index entered the session with a slight green color but then turned to decrease. However, the trend of VN-Index is still unclear, when the point dropped to 9:30 am only around 2 points.

VN30-Index is quite balanced, with 15 advancers, 1 reference and 14 decliners. The strongest gainer in the VN30 basket was HDB bank (HM: HDB), up more than 4%. Followed by TPB (HM:TPB), MBB (HM:MBB), STB (HM:STB) and CTG (HM:CTG), together increasing around 1-2%. On the downside, PLX (HM:PLX) and SAB (HM:SAB) stocks are correcting the most, with a decrease of about 2-4%.

Stocks with the most positive impact on the market are HPG (HM: HPG), HDB, CTG and BID (HM: BID), when together they helped VN-Index increase by more than 3 points. On the other side of the battle line is the pair of VIC (HM:VIC) and GAS (HM:GAS), when pulling the VN-Index down a total of nearly 2 points, it decreased.

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