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6 types of feng shui plants that act as "amulets"

 Many families often plant feng shui plants in front of the door to help attract good things and ward off bad luck. Usually, these are plants with soft, round, heart-shaped or broad leaves.

1. Ornamental tree

Ornamental plants are easy to live and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It has soft, green foliage, and is considered a lucky plant in feng shui. When placed at the entrance, the tree will attract positive energy and repel negative, while bringing wealth, prosperity and peace to the home.

2. Five-year-old tree

The leaves of the pentapod are like hands with many fingers. It is this protective shape that makes it meaningful as a protective plant in feng shui.

3. Orange and tangerine trees

Plants like oranges, tangerines or any other sweet fruit can attract energy to the house. You can place it in the Southeast or on either side of the door, avoid placing it opposite the door because it will hinder the flow of energy.

4. Money tree

The money tree symbolizes the balance of the five elements in feng shui. Therefore, planting money tree in front of the door will help regulate the flow of energy in your home. The most suitable location is to place the tree in the southeast corner of the entrance.

5. Geranium plant

Not only bright and beautiful flowers, placing red or pink geranium next to the front door facing south, or white geranium next to the west or north door will help the house to receive a lot of luck and prosperity. prosperity.

6. Chrysanthemum plant

Chrysanthemums with round flowers are considered lucky flowers in feng shui, they can also be grown all year round. You just need to provide enough moisture and fertilize regularly to promote blooms.

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