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6 skincare items you use very often can make your skin seriously degraded if used in the wrong way

 These are all very common skincare products, but that doesn't mean we can use them however we want.

1. Paper mask

If you adhere to applying a paper mask 2-3 times a week, your skin will thank you, but if you apply it every day or apply it a few times a day, your skin will "cry". Abuse of paper masks will overload the skin because a large amount of nutrients cannot be absorbed in time, causing blockages and stagnation on the skin surface leading to acne. In addition, the silicone layer on the mask will penetrate the skin, breaking down the protective layer of the epidermis, when the skin loses its defense barrier, bacteria can easily invade, making the skin weaker and more susceptible to irritation.

2. Makeup remover tissue

It seems convenient, fast, but makeup remover tissue is not something that dermatologists recommend you use every day. In fact, if the makeup is heavy, you will have to scrub and rub enthusiastically to be able to remove the makeup completely. And of course, then your skin will be red, sore, "protest" immediately.

Makeup remover tissue should only be used if the nature of your work has to move, change makeup continuously or sometimes in urgent cases only. In addition, the vast majority of these products contain irritating alcohol as well as pore-clogging ingredients.

3. Pimples to remove acne

In general, you should not spend money on acne peels, but invest in products containing BHA / AHA, Salicylic Acid ... Because acne strips not only can not treat stubborn blackheads on the nose but also make them even more prolific. Not to mention the act of pulling the acne strip will definitely hurt the skin, make the pores bigger and a lot of other harmful effects.

4. Physical exfoliation

The feeling of rubbing the face with fine particles and "tight" clean skin after that will make many people very satisfied. However, if you accidentally choose a type with large particles, the skin will determine if the skin is scratched, damaged, and in the long run, it will turn your skin from a healthy skin into a weak, sensitive, easily irritated version.

In fact, not all physical exfoliators are bad, but if you have sensitive skin, consider carefully or should switch to chemical exfoliants. And if you still want to use it, choose the type with small, fine, smooth seeds, no alcohol, fragrance, ... to minimize damage to the skin.

5. Face Roller

Eliminating toxins, reducing wrinkles, puffiness, stimulating collagen growth... are the benefits you can easily see when learning about the Jade Roller, also known as the facial massage roller. However, up to now, there has been no scientific research to prove that the above possibilities are real, whether massage and facial relaxation are the two benefits that can be clearly seen in this skincare product. If you do not clean the jade roller properly and regularly, bacteria will accumulate more and more on the roller surface, thereby causing acne, irritation and infection.

6. Washing machine

For those with sensitive skin, using a face wash every day is not an ideal choice because it will weaken the skin, lose its natural protective barrier, make the skin lose water from it, then pour oil, create acne and easily irritate. more responsive. Therefore, sensitive skin should only use a face wash 2-3 times a week is enough.

But this does not mean that normal skin is comfortable to use. You should only use the machine in the evening, choose products with hairs as well as vibrations suitable for the skin, washing time with the machine should not be too long and should not rub, press the machine hard on the skin!

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