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Why did the American beauty refuse the $ 4,500 salary of "Squid Game"?

 Recently, Raye - an American female YouTuber and model shared the story that she was once invited to participate in "Squid Game" but refused even though the salary was not small for a role... just stood still.

Raye is an American model. She is living with her Korean husband. They became famous with the YouTube channel Raye & Jin.
In a recent vlog, Raye caught the eye when he recounted his story of almost participating in Squid Game (Vietnamese title: Squid Game).

Specifically, Raye said that around October 2020, an actor recruiter invited her to play a small role but did not disclose the role or the name of the specific work.
It is a role of the public having to be semi-naked, standing still and posing in the film.

The casting side asked Raye not to wear clothes, only to use breast pads.
Raye's face and entire body will be painted in the style of body painting.

Raye said, the recruiter revealed, the salary for this role is 4,500 USD for 3 days of filming and includes accommodation, transportation to the place.

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