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Who is the beauty whose face is close to the "golden" ratio?

Bella's beauty and rare beauty received high appreciation from the audience and plastic surgeons.

Dr. Julian De Silva - a famous cosmetic doctor once affirmed that Bella Hadid's face reached the level of perfection for a human.

According to doctor Julian De Silva, when applying modern computing technologies on computers based on the "golden" standard ratio of the ancient Greeks, the face of the 9x supermodel reaches a level of perfection to the point of perfection.
Dr. De Silva is running a prestigious plastic surgery center in the US and has long studied in the field of beauty.

"Bella Hadid is the winner of the golden face ratio measurement. Her face is almost perfect," the doctor said.

He also emphasized, she scored close to perfect when scoring on the chin.
According to the famous plastic surgeon, the beauties with beautiful and standard face proportions in Hollywood also include supermodel Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, actress Amber Heard - ex-wife of Johnny Depp, singer Ariana Grande and singer Taylor

Bella Hadid's face was graded almost absolutely, making her suspected of plastic surgery.

Many rumors about the 24-year-old model having pumped lips or used fillers for cheeks and jawline have appeared.

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