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What's different about Land Cruiser GR Sport?

 GR Sport is the highest version, both in terms of price and performance, and is also the most interested version of the new generation Land Cruiser 2022.

Instead of focusing on performance parameters, the Land Cruiser GR Sport focuses on off-road capability, combined with a more aggressive, aggressive exterior design.

According to the naming of Gazoo Racing, Toyota's high-performance car division, the name GRMN is for pure sports cars, GR is for "serious" sports cars, GR Sport is for "serious" sports cars. entry level sports car models, and GR Parts for sport upgrades.

With the new generation Land Cruiser, Toyota engineers wanted to create a vehicle that is "safe, easy to drive, but not easily subdued by rough terrain". Therefore, the GR Sport version was developed from the input of the drivers who participated in the Dakar Rally, one of the toughest races in the world, and the Land Cruiser has been participating in the original car category since the year. 1995.
Rough design

In terms of appearance, the GR Sport is different from other Land Cruiser versions, with a redesigned front bumper, with the words "Toyota" quite large horizontal. The large grille does not have as many chrome crossbars as other versions; Instead, there are many horizontal air vents on the sides below the radiator, and unpainted plastic cladding on the lower half of the underbody protection panel.

Set of 18-inch aluminum 6-blade rims in Mud Gray combined with black painted details, such as wheel fender arches, door handles, door mirrors and steps.

At the rear, the car is equipped with a new design shock absorber, with a chassis protection plate that looks like aluminum, a rear fender...

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