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What does the electric version of the "dinosaur" Mercedes-Benz G-Class look like?

 According to information from the EU industrial property registration file, it seems that Mercedes-Benz will make an all-electric version of the "legendary" G-Class.

Specifically, the German automaker registered the names 'EQG 580' and 'EQG 560' at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on April 1, 2021.
While no official information about these two models has been confirmed, the name suggests that it could be an electric version of the G-Class line, using the same engine system as the upcoming EQS model. this.
Thus, the EQG 580 may be equipped with electric motors at both front and rear, forming a 4-wheel drive system and featuring torque shifting (continuously distributing engine power between the front axles). and rear axle). The EQS model's '580' engine will produce 516 hp and 611 lb-ft (828 Nm) of torque, so the EQG 580 is likely to have similar specs.

According to Car Sales, Mercedes-Benz will ensure that like the internal combustion engine version, the electric G-Class will have a 3-lock differential system. It is not clear whether this version will use the ladder frame like the current G-Class cars, or switch to the company's new EVA structure.
Either way, the electric version of the G-Class will rival the Hummer EV SUV and may even outperform the G-Class with an internal combustion engine.

Although Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius has previously admitted that an all-electric G-Class is a matter of time, he did not specify when the car will be available.
The fact that the Mercedes G-Class line has an electric version is not too surprising, when some big names in the off-road car village have joined the scene. The Hummer brand marks a return with an all-electric pickup. Ford F-150 is also about to have an electric version.

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