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Watching a movie with beauties wearing this type of dress is definitely distracting!

These beauties possess a pair of "bigger mounds" full of fullness, sweeping all the viewers' eyes.

It is a fact that not every movie makes us 100% absorbed. Sometimes, there are still some reasons that make us distracted such as the movie doesn't suit our taste, the plot is light, or it can also be because... the characters in the movie are too beautiful, too charming to overshadow the movie's content.

Regardless of whether Megan Fox wears closed or open clothes, she still exudes an invitation that is hard to refuse
Finally about the best body model.

Scenes of Angelina Jolie in Mr & Mrs. Smith wore a corset that made it impossible to look away even for a second. Her breasts are so hot that she doesn't need any bold lipstick, she's too hot

Blake Lively's menswear style in A Simple Favor has received a rain of compliments from fans. The side-turning moment gives viewers the opportunity to admire the actress's feminine curves in a daring white plaid suit

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