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Victoria's Secret supermodel shows off her flat stomach after giving birth a few days

 "Long legs" Georgia Fowler just gave birth to her first child on September 17, but she quickly regained her admirable slim figure.

On her personal Instagram page, New Zealand supermodel Georgia Fowler has just shared a picture of her showing off her slim waist and standard figure after giving birth to her first daughter Dylan.
The former Victoria's Secret model became a mother on September 17 and now, she has regained her shape very quickly.
Along with the sexy photo, the 29-year-old beauty captioned: "Someone told me that having a baby is like finding the key that opens the secret door to your heart where love will 'flow'
" out endlessly and forever. This is absolutely true. We love you so much Dylan Aman".
The 1.77-meter-tall supermodel and her businessman boyfriend announced that they were expecting their first child in April.
Nathan Dalah, 26 years old is a restaurant entrepreneur in Australia.
Young but Nathan Dalah is very famous.
Nathan Dalah has opened many restaurants in Australia and is also known for co-founding the famous Fishbowl food brand that is very popular with Australians.

Nathan Dalah and his 3-year-old girlfriend confirmed that they were dating in February last year.

The couple kept their love story a secret. After falling in love with Nathan Dalah, Georgia Fowler spent most of her time living in Australia.

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