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Toyota Rush makes a difference thanks to its powerful performance, long-term benefits

 Targeting a group of customers who focus on the performance of a real SUV, Toyota Rush also scores when it brings long-term benefits thanks to its durability and reasonable cost of use.

Choosing Toyota Rush, Mr. Tran Van Tien in Quoc Oai (Hanoi) received questions from relatives about the reason because judging by the price, this product is not the cheapest in the segment.
"It's a bit more expensive, but it's cut into pieces. It's a great asset, so when I bought a car, I also considered it, but after owning it, I found Rush to be absolutely right," he shared.
The purpose of Mr. Tien's use with this car is quite diverse.

In addition to serving the travel needs of the whole family, he also took Toyota Rush to carry goods for his wife - a children's clothing business.
In addition, in his free time, he takes local passengers to the center of Hanoi or other day travel areas.

"The road in Quoc Oai is not bad, but there are many relatively steep sections. The car is agile and powerful because the car is rear-wheel drive, just imagine that going uphill, the thrust is always stronger than the traction."
, the owner of the Toyota Rush is excited about his "second wife".
"The car is ready to "weigh" everything, from the clothes that fill the compartment to the "full load" carrying 7 people.

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