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Tiny electric car Microlino 2.0 reincarnates the legendary BMW Isetta

After years of "gaining momentum", the tiny electric car Microlino is finally ready to go into actual production later this year. The final design has just been unveiled at the Munich International Motor Show (IAA).

The Microlino 2.0 is inspired by the legendary BMW Isetta from the '50s. Concept versions have been around since 2016, and pre-production was released last year. Now, at the 2021 Munich International Motor Show (IAA), the final production version has been unveiled, with production scheduled to begin 

This tiny electric car model will have 3 versions - Urban , Dolce and Competizione, along with 3 battery capacity options.later this year.

The final design of Microlino 2.0 has not changed much compared to the pre-production version released last year. Still the cute, round shape like the small egg of the BMW Isetta, adding LED strips, the round headlight cluster is not located in the nose as usual, but integrated on the door mirror.

Meanwhile, the car doors are located at the front rather than the sides, and have been hidden handles. To open the car door, you need to press the button, and when it is closed, it does not need much force because it is an intake door.

The space inside the car is enough for 2 people and the storage compartment has a capacity of 230 liters. The redesigned interior comes with a fixed steering column (instead of being attached to the door like the Isetta), ergonomically designed seats and a minimalist dashboard with an additional digital instrument cluster and touchscreen. in the center to control the main functions of the vehicle. There is an aluminum rod attached to the handle to close the door.

At the IAA Exhibition 2021, the Swiss company Micro introduced a full range of Microlino versions. Accordingly, the standard Urban version has Santorini white and Amsterdam orange, with a glossy black ceiling. The interior is upholstered in black or charcoal-colored fabric.

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