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Three Korean beauties suddenly "changed their lives" thanks to a role

 With just one role, the careers of Lee Ji Ah, Seo Ye Ji, and Jung Ho Yeon have turned to a new turning point, helping them rise to the position of A-list stars in the entertainment industry.

Lee Ji Ah, born in 1981, began to emerge with the main role in the TV blockbuster Thai Vuong Tu Than Ky, co-starring with "King of the Korean Wave" Bae Yong Joon in 2007. The film has a budget.

up to about 45 million USD and starring Bae Yong Joon became a phenomenon of the Korean small screen in Asia in 2007.

The incident caused a stir because before that, Lee Ji Ah or Seo Taiji had not mentioned that they were husband and wife in the past.
Lee Ji Ah continued to be "peeled" using a fake name and lying about her age.

This noise caused Lee Ji Ah's career to be affected, she was ostracized by the audience and the love story with actor Jung Woo Sung was also broken.

Years after the incident, Lee Ji Ah returned to the Korean entertainment industry.
In 2020, she made an impression when participating in the television project The Penthouse, a movie about Korean tycoons that caused a fever in Asia over the past year.

At the age of 42, the actress is still single, she possesses a beautiful and youthful appearance like she is only in her 20s, surprising the audience.

Jung Ho Yeon was originally a model and made an impression on Korea's Next Top Model in 2013. Before participating in the movie Squid Game, Jung Ho Yeon is a famous Korean model.

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