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The Weeknd is the best, the best The Weeknd: If you can't be the most handsome in Hollywood, you have to be the prettiest

 The Weeknd's new series of ex-lovers makes the public fall in love every time they appear!

In addition to a music career, The Weeknd also has an equally cult love "career".
Before being questioned about dating Angelina Jolie this year, the Blinding Lights singer had two relationships with Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez.
All three of these characters are Hollywood's top beauties with impeccable style.
Bella Hadid is especially fond of the fashion styles of previous decades, so her style always exudes a retro look.
Her favorite items are ripped jeans with a cardigan.

In addition, Bella Hadid is also extremely suitable for tight-fitting outfits, exalting the fiery body of the beautiful woman, with round 1, round 3 voluptuous free of charge, while round 2 looks small and enchanting.

In terms of everyday fashion, Selena Gomez transforms as diverse as a chameleon, stealing is to choose which set is the best, making netizens sobbing.

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