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The wave of 'open top and bottom' clothes of Hollywood stars

 With the return of fashion in the 2000s, the outfits of the stars on the red carpet recently became increasingly 'naked'.

Violent costumes are favored by Hollywood stars when they go on the red carpet to show off their sexy looks.

However, since bustling events have returned after social distancing, this wave has tended to increase.
According to the Mail, the costumes that show off the skin are a way for the stars to release their bodies, prove their confidence and feminist beauty.

In the picture, singer Ashanti wears a bold cut on the VMAs 2021 red carpet.
Pixie Lott shows off her figure with a 'high slit' design that reveals her hips. The top of the skirt cut-out at the bust enhances the charm.

The 'open top and bottom' outfits are increasingly popular with Hollywood stars. Attending the premiere of the film No Time To Die, Kimberly Garner chose an evening dress with armpits, slits down to the hips.

Attending the Met Gala 2021, Megan Fox once caused a stir when she wore a dress that cut her chest and sides, helping sales of knitwear increase by 300% on Boohoo.

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