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The runner-up of the Miss World Philippines contest suddenly gave up the title

 Beautiful Ganiel Krishnan has decided to give up the title of runner-up at the Miss World Philippines pageant, just days after being crowned.

The final of the Miss World Philippines 2021 contest took place on the evening of October 3 with the victory belonging to the 28-year-old beauty - Tracy Maureen Perez.
The beauty Ganiel Krishnan won the second runner-up, but on October 6, she attracted attention when she posted on her personal page that she had given up the title of runner-up to focus on work.
Ganiel Krishnan was born in 1994 in a family with a Singaporean and Indian father and a Filipino mother.

Before participating in the Miss World Philippines pageant, she participated in many television programs and became a news reporter for ABS-CBN channel.
In addition, she also tried herself as an actress in the movie Past tense (2014).
The 27-year-old beauty also has a lot of experience in participating in beauty contests and winning high achievements.
In an interview with ABS-CBN before the final of Miss World Philippines 2021, beautiful Ganiel Krishnan once shared, becoming a beauty queen is her dream. The 27-year-old beauty also expressed her determination to win the title of Miss World Philippines 2021.
She declared when participating in the Miss World Philippines 2021 contest: "When you think a lot about winning, you won't allow yourself to give up. That's what I'm pursuing right now. I try to think positively. extreme. I'd rather show than talk. One is the highest title, the other is nothing."

On October 6, she wrote on her personal page, "As you all know, I had a developing career as a news reporter for entertainment and life at ABS-CBN TV station before joining ABS-CBN. I've never hidden my intention to return to this job, regardless of the outcome of the competition."
Ganiel Krishnan added that she was honored to be awarded the title of 2nd runner-up at the Miss World Philippines pageant in 2021, but the terms of her contract with the station did not allow her to operate in two different roles.

The 27-year-old beauty wrote: "This has led me to make the choice to pursue a role that has a greater impact, really serves the Filipino people more and that is the job that airs every day in the news.

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