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The obsession of "thin and beautiful" of Korean idol artists

 Recently, young Korean singer Ailee choked to share about the consequences of rapid weight loss when doing everything to "resolve" 10 kg in just one month.

Besides working hard to have sexy performances, Kpop singers also have to take care of their appearance and keep their body slim to always be beautiful in the eyes of fans.
And the pressure to keep weight has led many stars to strict diets, greatly affecting their health.
Recently, female singer Ailee talked about her real experiences when trying to lose weight and please fans with her appearance.

She said, "There are many things that I have to adhere to even though I don't know what the standards are. Especially among them is my weight. I gained weight because fans told me, I'm too skinny. I maintain my weight.

that weight for 3-4 years. But when I become chubby, they complain that I am fat. If my face looks smaller, they will compliment me on my success in weight loss journey."

Having to comply with fans' wishes for so long made Ailee fall into a state of "always worrying about things that were never a problem before". She said: "I started thinking about a lot of things and felt embarrassed. And that's why I lost weight. In a month I lost 10-11 kg."

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