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The happy single life of the hot beauty queen of Korea

 Honey Lee was named the most beautiful Miss Korea when possessing both beauty and talent.

She is also the Korean beauty with the highest achievement at the Miss Universe contest ever.
Honey Lee was crowned Miss Korea 2006. After that, she competed in Miss Universe 2007 and won 3rd runner-up. In addition, Honey Lee also won the Miss of all Miss - Miss Grand Slam in

Up to now, in the hearts of the Korean public, Honey Lee is the Korean beauty with the best achievements at the Miss Universe contest in particular and the international beauty arena in general.

Returning from the competition, Honey Lee received many invitations to join the entertainment industry, but it was not until 3 years later that she officially became an actress and MC in Korea.
Honey Lee's name is known for her on-screen roles. After 10 years of pursuing acting, Honey Lee is not afraid to challenge herself as well as transform into different types of roles.

The film career of this queen is quite diverse with roles, from underground police to a hundred billion widow. She is also a rare beauty who accepts to embarrass herself or happily suffers the hate of the audience for her role on the screen.

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