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The dark side of Korea's super-rich through Cho Yeo Jeong's performance

 "Big sister" high-class movie theme Cho Yeo Jeong exposes the super-rich through three of the most popular films: Parasite, Trick Me, Sweetheart!

From a face specializing in treating "hot scenes", Cho Yeo Jeong gradually became known as a real actress on the Korean screen, discovered since the prestigious Oscars 2020. In the past two years,

In the past two years, She is considered one of the pillars of the rich film series thanks to her impressive transformational talent. Let's take a look at Cho Yeo Jeong's 3 most outstanding roles below.

Jeong's 3 most outstanding roles below.
In addition to the excellent and talented script of director Bong Joon Ho, the factor contributing to the success of the movie "Parasite" at the Oscar 2020 "arena" cannot be ignored, not to mention his acting ability.

internal strength of the Korean cast, including Cho Yeo Jeong. Contrary to her hot image in the past, the actress transformed into Yeon Kyo, Park's clumsy wife.

Living in a lavish mansion, Lady Yeon Kyo's only "mission" is to think of many ways to spend money from her successful husband.

The clumsy, innocent but satirical personality that Cho Yeo Young showed has contributed to highlighting the contrast in the rich-poor picture between the two families in the film.

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