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The beauty of the new Miss Earth Slovenia

 Beautiful Asja Bonnie Pivk has just been crowned Miss Earth Slovenia 2021. The young girl has a chubby face and round figure.

Miss Earth Slovenia 2021 contest ended a few days ago with the victory belonging to blonde beauty Asja Bonnie Pivk.

The competition ran for 6 months with various assessment challenges.

The final night of Miss Earth Slovenia 2021 was held without an audience to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic and was broadcast live on the YouTube channel of Miss Earth Slovenia.

Asja Bonnie Pivk shared: "I am really overjoyed! I can proudly say that I have become Miss Earth Slovenia 2021. Sincere thanks to all of you who have supported me on this journey. and believe in me! These feelings cannot be expressed in words… I promise you that I will do well at the world competition."

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