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The beauties love to use jewelry instead of clothes

 Recently, many female stars prefer to use jewelry instead of clothes. The strange, eye-catching designs create a new trend in the fashion style of female stars.

Recently, Hollywood actress - Sharon Stone (63 years old) appeared in a strange outfit, in the upper body, she used a jewelry design but acted as a shirt.

This design has the shape of a flower, the leaf has a sparkling golden color.

The actress appeared in a photo shoot that took place on the southern coast of France.

This design is made by fashion house Schiaparelli (Photo: Daily Mail).

Schiaparelli is a couture house founded by Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli (1890 - 1973) and directly managed between 1927 and 1954. This fashion house has done the work. refresh the image and create a new influence in the contemporary fashion industry.
The fashion house Schiaparelli had its first official fashion show in 2014. Since 2019, the fashion house has been led by creative director Daniel Roseberry. Currently, the headquarters of the fashion house is located in Paris, France.

Under its founder - fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, the Schiaparelli fashion house was famous for its avant-garde couture style and surrealism. After the name and image of the fashion house is renewed in this 21st century, Schiaparelli designers continue to uphold the avant-garde and surreal elements in their designs.

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