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Supermodel U30 attended the event with her boyfriend 13 years younger

 Britain's famous "long legs" Kate Moss and her young boyfriend Nikolai von Bismarck attended many events at the ongoing Paris fashion week in France.

The paparazzi saw supermodel Kate Moss and her boyfriend Nikolai von Bismarck leaving the hotel to attend an event at Paris fashion week on the evening of October 2.

The 47-year-old model wore an elegant black dress and stylish fur coat, while her 34-year-old boyfriend wore a suit, over which was a long coat.
Kate Moss has been dating the 34-year-old photographer for 6 years.

Nikolai von Bismarck was a member of a German noble family.

His father is an earl and his mother is a niece of a baron.
Nikolai von Bismarck is passionate about photography and when he was 16 years old, he was trained by the famous photographer Mario Testino.

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