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Sexy beauty and power of "suit without shirt" style

 Modern women both want to show their confidence, bravery and want to preserve their sexy femininity, "suit without shirt" is the latest answer.

Feminist fashion has been mentioned many years ago, it is a style that helps women show their confidence and bravery in the workplace. Previously, feminism in fashion was associated with the image of a woman wearing a suit.

But in the past one - two years, the fashion style of "power women" has become softer and more sexy. Women do not have to wear suits like men to be considered powerful, brave and confident.

The image of Hollywood actress - Kristen Stewart wearing a suit with an open blazer and... wearing nothing underneath has made a strong impression.

Modern women both want to show their power and want to preserve their sexy femininity, "shirtless suit" is the latest answer to the feminist fashion style that many female stars are looking for. next.
This style is definitely not suitable for the office environment, but it is suitable for the red carpet event, every time a female star appears with the style of "suit without shirt", sexy, sexy and confident on the top.

The style of "suit without shirt" has appeared in the collections of many famous fashion houses before and has convinced the bold female stars.
Before that, Hollywood actress - Jennifer Aniston was surprised when she pioneered wearing a blazer and wearing nothing under it in 2015. After that, many other female artists also chose this style when attending events. events, including Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus, Kerry Washington, Phoebe Waller-Bridge...

They can wear a bra underneath a blazer, or even wear nothing underneath a blazer. In fact, this style has only appeared in the last one - two years.

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