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Notes to know to use electric cars properly

 Using electric cars other than heat engine cars, to ensure the safety of users and avoid risks when traveling, it is necessary to note the following things.

Sudden acceleration with electric cars can be dangerous

Unlike petrol or diesel cars, the electric motor has consistent torque across all rpm ranges in a particular range; The power of the engine is transmitted directly to the rotating shafts causing the car to accelerate continuously.

Meanwhile, heat engines work through gearboxes and gear movements. So the acceleration of electric vehicles is impressive and needs to be handled with care, on the one hand, for the safety of the driver and occupants, and on the other to maintain the autonomy of the battery.

In cases where the vehicle accelerates strongly and repeatedly, the battery discharging faster will reduce the operating range of the electric car. Therefore, the driver should accelerate slowly and moderately to ensure the life of the battery.

Regular use of regenerative braking

One of the truly innovative features of electric cars is the ability to charge the battery during travel by accumulating energy generated by engine braking. Specifically, when the driver releases the accelerator pedal, the engine's kinetic energy will be recovered and converted into rechargeable electricity into the battery.

Thanks to this process, the battery's energy source can be recharged up to 20%. Therefore, the driver should use the engine brake more than the brake pedal.

Adjust your driving to your surroundings

When traveling on highways, drivers should anticipate possible obstacles to slow down in time.

In addition, too high a speed (over 100 km/h) can also affect the battery's autonomy. Therefore, drivers must be vigilant to maintain a moderate speed to ensure safety as well as battery performance.

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