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Magical light field in California

The artwork "Field of Light" in California possesses enchanting beauty, becoming a destination of millions of people recently.

Magical light field in California
The "Field of Light" stretches over 6 hectares, located on the hillside in downtown Paso Robles, California, USA. This is the most famous and largest art installation work of British artist Bruce Munro today, attracting thousands of visitors to visit and admire.

Possessing a fanciful and poetic beauty, the work is made from 58,800 colorful spherical fiber optic bulbs powered by solar energy, shimmering in the night like a forest of fairy flowers.

This is not the first field of light created by Munro. Before that, he had built a similar art installation at the foot of the sacred mountain of Uluru, Australia on a smaller scale.

The original idea of the project came from Munro and his wife's camping trip to Australia in 1992. At that time, the artist was mesmerized by the vibrant beauty of the desert after the rain. To him, that place was like a paradise full of blooming flowers. Since then, he came up with the idea of ​​a field of light, with the "flowers" being the light bulbs that illuminate the area.

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