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Kylie Jenner has just sold a "stained" swimsuit, the customer lamented: "What kind of clothes show all the skin!"

 Many people even think that Kylie Jenner's products are no different from clothes for ... dolls to wear.

Become the most prominent Gen Z millionaire in Hollywood, lead and become one of the powerful KOLs with millions of fans, reach the Top 25 influential young people on global social networks announced by the Times,
... so many achievements make Kylie Jenner become a rich woman thanks to the fashion and beauty business.

But her business path doesn't seem to be very smooth when recently, the youngest Jenner's sister received a "seal" due to selling low-quality swimwear, average materials and rather negligent processing.

Before that, Kylie Jenner officially launched the Kylie Swim collection including classic triangle bikini models priced at $80 (more than VND 1.8 million), $80 swimsuits and $45 hip wraps (1 million USD).

Currently, Kylie Jenner's side has not yet responded to the above comments.
Before that, her cosmetic brand Kylie Cosmetics was rated as "a terrible failure" when caught in a series of scandals such as: confirmation in products, exploited workers and health deterioration due to toxic substances.

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