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Korean "Holy Food" promoted in style when losing 55 kg

 Reducing from 138 kg to about 80 kg, Yang Soo Bin easily conquered the elegant and feminine style of dressing.

Yang Soo Bin was born in 1994, is one of the earliest mukbangs of Korea. Famous with the nickname "holy food", the female vlogger once weighed 138 kg. Oversized body makes it difficult for her to choose clothes. Soo Bin usually only wears simple baggy clothes, masculine style.

From 2019, the Korean "holy food" decided to enter a fierce weight loss journey to improve appearance and health. Thanks to a strict diet and exercise regimen, Soo Bin has lost more than 55 kg so far, and his style has also been promoted. She seemed to 'swim' in the dresses that fit her body well before.
With not only a leaner and firmer physique, but also a curvy figure, Soo Bin easily conquers many types of clothes that used to be impossible to wear.

The 27-year-old vlogger was praised for choosing smart clothes and cleverly hiding weaknesses.

Autumn and winter, the Korean hot girl has many suggestions for clothes for girls with a slim body. The gentle hand design helps to cover the big biceps, the sexy square neck makes the body feel more elegant

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