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KIA Picanto rated unsafe in Latin America

Not achieving any stars in the Latin American New Car Safety Standards Assessment (LatinNCAP), KIA Picanto (another name for the Morning car) and Peugeot 208 are the two newest models evaluated in the market. this.
According to Latin NCAP's new vehicle safety assessment standard, the urban small car KIA Picanto does not win any "stars" in the 5-star standard in this market. This is not the first time the Korean model has been rated as less safe. Previously, the new vehicle safety assessment standard of Southeast Asia - ASEAN NCAP for Thailand and Indonesia markets also had a similar "achievement". In all three markets, the KIA Picanto model has one thing in common: no airbags.

This test result was obtained when the Latin NCAP testing agency performed the standard version in this market (without the airbag). And in the front crash test, the lack of this safety device made the protection of the front seats ineffective, although the body structure was still rated as stable in the test. this.

Meanwhile, in the test with the child's position in the rear seat, this model only achieved the safety level of "1 star" due to the lack of a child seat holder.

And ironically, KIA Picanto achieves the "4-star" safety standard with Euro NCAP and NCAP ASEAN standards as well as "5 stars" according to the Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) when equipped to six airbags and the whole body stabilization ystem…

Alejandro Furas, general secretary of the new car rating agency, said: "Latin NCAP Latin is disappointed to see a global car manufacturer like KIA offering a vehicle that is as unsafe as the Picanto in the market. this school".

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