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It's normal for Jisoo to play a corset to hide her waist of standard bread, the most expensive player in Asia "falling in love" is normal!

 Jisoo is always extremely anesthetic every time she wears a corset, despite not having a classic waist.

Owning a bread waist and after many times being "stuck" by stylists, BLACKPINK's eldest sister has found a true love with a corset - the classic waist-shaping accessory of the sisters.
During the Pretty Savage show, Jisoo wore a colorful plaid corset, combined with a hoodie that was cut off by the stylist for a sexy and personal look.

This corset comes from the fashion house Vivienne Westwood - "Queen of Rebellion" for about 28 million VND

Another time, she had a corset combination with Burberry's shirt, mixed with a long red t-shirt inside for a more trendy part, the overall look is out of place!!!
Not only creating a highlight for the waist, the corset saved the red dress with a matchless cake, losing a visible goal when making the owner's appearance much more impressive.

This is a corset dress from Burberry brand for nearly 40 million VND, made by BLACKPINK's stylist into a youthful short skirt combined with a suspended denim jacket.

This "stealth" corset looks both ton sur ton, while fulfilling the task of creating lines for the waistline, and creating a personality highlight for this youthful high school skirt set.

A different variation of a corset similar to a leather belt makes Jisoo look more fashionable, while creating a highlight for her slim waist and balanced body.

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