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Is Halloween coming soon or is Selena Gomez anxious to open it?

Selena Gomez probably did not expect this moment of herself.

Selena Gomez has cut her bangs many times, but the bang that resonates most with her is the "side fringe" style with long hair covering her eyes, pulled to the sides, or roughly a combination of horizontal bangs.

However, "there are days when you go to the night to meet ghosts", this hairstyle does not always bring her beautiful moments, but the reason is just because of choosing the wrong makeup style.

Going down the street late, but Selena still dressed neatly with gray clothes and sneakers.

The pretty ponytail girl, looking from afar, saw her red lips change, but we should only use it from afar...

That time, Selena also revealed clearly tired eye bags.

The only plus point of this lipstick color is probably making Selena's teeth whiter when she smiles and waves enthusiastically to fans.

Selena's bangs look a bit uncomfortable, but it's really annoying because she often gets stabbed in her eyes, but if you think about it, it's really cool

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