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Impressive transformation of Miss "both good and beautiful" Honey Lee

 Miss Korea 2006 - Honey Lee is receiving a "rain" of compliments on her acting when she portrays two characters with opposite personalities in the drama "One The Woman".

One The Woman (Vietnamese title is Talented Female Inspector) marks the return of Miss Honey Lee to the small screen after nearly 2 years of rest.

In the film, the former beauty queen showed up to two roles, with different personalities and fates.
This is also a heavy role with Honey Lee, but the former Miss Korea did not disappoint the audience.

One The Woman began airing on September 17 with a rating of 7.1% and by episode 3, the movie reached a rating of 12.7%, an impressive number.
Nielsen Korea assessed that after 4 episodes, One The Woman has a rapid increase in viewership ratings, gradually catching up with its predecessor, Penthouse 3 (Upstream War 3).

The film attracts the audience thanks to the plot and funny acting of Honey Lee.

In the movie, Honey Lee plays Kang Mi Na - a tycoon's daughter-in-law, a resigned and gentle woman, and prosecutor Jo Yeon Joo has a strong, brave and fierce personality.
After an accident, Jo Yeon Joo lost her memory and lived as Kang Mi Na. In the role of "fake" Kang Mi Na, Jo Yeon Joo plans to expose and defeat the chaebol family with many hidden problems.

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