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If you don't have long legs, there are still some ways to make you look classy and elegant like a Korean girl

There are no girls with bad feet, only people who don't know these tips.

Our girls have always created a standard for a certain beauty, like beautiful legs must be straight, long and slim. So if it is different from that standard, girls easily become self-deprecating and do not dare to try new clothes like other girls. Don't worry anymore, here are some tips to help her choose the right clothes without thinking about those "non-standard" legs!

Perhaps these are the legs that many of you dream of having, but only those who own them will understand the feeling of "toothpick feet" which is sometimes inconvenient in coordinating clothes to balance the body.

To be able to show off their full advantages, women should avoid high heels with thin straps because they will accidentally make the bones and pale veins visible.

A mini dress or A-line skirt mixed with round toe shoes will be an ideal outfit for these girls.

The scars on the legs will sometimes make the girls shy and not confident when wearing skirts.

However, as long as you choose for yourself dresses of the right length, above the knee, you can confidently shine.

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