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Hunza Valley in cherry blossom season


When it comes to Pakistan, many people often only imagine a Muslim country with wars and riots. However, behind the smoke and fire, Pakistan still retains the intoxicating beauty exuding charm from the high mountains covered with white snow all year round, the wild green valleys or the beautiful cherry blossom hills. The enchantment inside the Hunza valley is waiting for you to explore.
In the spring, Hunza valley is filled with the bright pink color of peach and apricot flowers, making many visitors surprised by the natural beauty of this land. The delicate petals swaying in the cool spring breeze create a romantic atmosphere as if in a romantic movie.

Not only that, the small villages nestled in the Hunza valley, among the towering snow-capped mountains with thousands of apricot trees, peach trees, and apple trees blooming jubilantly in the whole valley, highlight the scenery. peaceful, radiant nature. The villages are located just a few kilometers apart and each village is surrounded by characteristic stone fences.

Hunza is the most famous fruit growing region in Pakistan, so spring is also the season when trees sprout. In particular, the climate at this time is cool, so flowers bloom very quickly, blooming everywhere. Located in a place isolated from the world, the Hunza valley is not affected by violence or bombs like other war zones in Pakistan, so everything is peaceful and radiant, the indigenous people also live a loving life. Queen.

Coming here in the spring, visitors can stroll on the peaceful village roads, stroll around the apricot and cherry blossom forests. Nature favors this fertile valley as a great place to cultivate fruit trees. Especially here, many apricots are grown, often people will dry them to retain the taste of fresh fruit. Not only that, there are also many kinds of dried fruits and vegetables for people to try and buy as gifts as a local specialty.

The long but exciting and adventurous journey, passing through high mountains fascinates both mind and soul. You will be constantly overwhelmed by the nature and scenery of Hunza valley in particular and Pakistan in general.

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