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How do the 3 body types correspond to the 3 beauty standards of Kpop idols with different dressing tastes?

 Perhaps no group, entertainment company or individual with "weight" words dares to conclude about the body standard of a Korean idol. For that reason, in recent years, there have appeared 3 types of body morphology from old to new with completely different characteristics, causing netizens to argue, everyone thinks that their opinion is the truth. Finally about the best body model.

Representing that image is Joy. The body is full with thighs, waist and biceps a bit chubby but Joy never seems to be shy because of this. On the contrary, she often wears short skirts, crop tops or outfits with gaps showing her three-round measurements

In addition to coming with all sorts of "playful" accessories, idols in this style often appear with pretty cool tattoos, whether it's the huge cross on Hyorin's stomach or just a small tattoo under Hwasa's ear.

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