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HOT: Jennie appeared at the Chanel show, dressed so hot that Parisians wore rain to wait!

Let's see more beautiful photos of Jennie.
Before G, Chanel had "listened" to a few moments of Jennie and other close characters of the brand through photos taken by the Dutch photographer duo Inez&Vinoodh.
This action of Chanel made fans "stand still" more waiting to see what Jennie will wear at the show.
And the moment everyone has been waiting for has arrived, Jennie has appeared.
I still can't find out which collection this Jennie's outfit belongs to, it's only appeared from time to time, so she knows how to puzzle fans.

Close-up of Jennie's makeup today, the smooth foundation blends into the natural skin, the eyes are orange, and the lipstick color is a sweet coral pink with a bit of shine
The red outfit not only helps to turn on Jennie's smooth white skin but also shows off the toned and sexy body of the female idol.

This time Jennie straightened her hair, chose a makeup style to press on eyeliner, about lipstick color, Jennie wore sweet light pink lipstick

A pure red color breaks through the cold drizzle of Paris, so Jennie also wears a crop top and short skirt, looks really hot but fans also feel cold for her.

But leaving that aside, Jennie is so pretty today.

She mixes pearl accessories including layer chains and chain belts on her back, mixed with ton sur ton bags
Before G, Chanel released 3 photos of Jennie and said that the outfit she is wearing belongs to the upcoming SS22 Spring/Summer collection. Jennie is also one of the first to have this honor

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