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Hoa Minzy wears well with clothes of more than 100 thousand dong

 The affordable costumes help Hoa Minzy have a youthful and trendy look no less expensive than the expensive ones.

Instead of luxurious clothes like before, Hoa Minzy recently likes to shop online for popular clothes.

The mother-of-one proudly shows off the outfits that don't cost much but still help her look pretty and trendy.

In the picture, the singer wears a plaid dress that costs only VND 84,000, combined with a thin cardigan that costs VND 92,000.

Thanks to enthusiastically promoting items priced under 200,000 VND, Hoa Minzy is becoming a new fashion icon of young people.

Every time she posts a new look, fans "rush" to ask where to buy it.

A polo shirt priced at 139,000 VND was mixed by a beautiful woman with a pleated skirt for 119,000 VND.
The formula for a polo shirt with a pleated skirt has been loved by Hoa Minzy recently to have a cute look like a schoolgirl. With only 195,000 VND, the beauty can buy a blue checkered knitted shirt, coordinated with a beige skirt of VND 155,000.

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