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Fall in love with the "ant" waist of the 18-year-old Korean female idol

 Yuna is a member of the rising Korean group Itzy.

Not only attracting attention with her singing and dancing skills, but Yuna is also considered a "new generation beauty angel" with a height of 172 cm and a tiny waist.

Itzy is currently one of the famous girl groups in Korea. They consisted of 5 members and officially debuted in 2019. With vibrant music, good looks and good choreography, Itzy quickly became loved by Asian audiences.

In particular, member Yuna has a large fan base thanks to her beautiful and seductive appearance. Although only 18 years old, Yuna has a remarkable height, 172 cm, straight legs and an admirable ant waist.

Yuna's small face and harmonious lines also make the 18-year-old female idol singer praised by the online community as a "doll".

Yuna was accepted into the Korean entertainment group - JYP Entertainment since 2015. After 3 years as a trainee, she officially worked in the group Itzy, taking on the role of rap, dancer, main vocalist and maknae.
Thanks to her beautiful appearance and small waist, Yuna often wears crop tops to show off her waist. Yuna's incredibly small waistline also became a topic of interest for the online community and helped her be honored as the new generation Kpop goddess.

Yuna graduated from middle school in 2018 and is studying at Hanlim Arts High School, majoring in applied dance, of Korea. She tried a number of sports and won several awards before becoming a singer.
Considered as the representative artist of the GenZ generation, an independent, confident and attractive woman, Yuna said, "I believe that the GenZ generation is introducing new, special and talented artists to the world. We create our own music, and Itzy's music is also something special."

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