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Experience the excitement with Lexus on the journey of Lexus Signature 2021

 The journey "Lexus Signature 2021 - The Essence of Excitement" is a tailor-made trip that includes a series of lifestyle experiences in the areas of food, art and stylish test drives.

The sporty quality of IS in the Lexus Signature 2021
In Vietnam, Lexus is often known for its large models such as the LX 570 or LS 500. This is known as "ground plane" or "mobile villa" because the car was born to serve men.

owner. Earlier this year, the Japanese luxury car brand introduced a new IS line, completing its product range and bringing a different taste.

The journey "Lexus Signature 2021 - The essence of excitement" with the roads in the central part of the country will be an opportunity for Lexus IS to prove itself.
Immediately after entering, the compact cabin with the hugging seat begins to "wake up" the driver, the urge to press the start button and press the accelerator to start the experience.

On the steep road crossing Phu Gia pass, Phuoc Tuong tunnel to Hue city, Lexus IS has proved its sportiness with the stability of the body. That is not the feeling of swallowing the whole bend of large cars that IS 2021 shows through grip: the road surface, body and driver become unified.

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