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Enough ways to mix a summer dress for autumn

 The lightweight, sleeveless midi dress can be used to coordinate with warm outfits for cold days.

With the addition of a sweater outside, the one-piece dress will turn into a flying skirt.

Do not forget to fix the lap of the sweater so that the length of the shirt only reaches the waist, creating a balanced layout for the body.

Mix layers with turtlenecks
When it's colder, turtlenecks are the first choice of many girls. Besides, you can complete the look with a blazer and a felt hat.

Hit the combat boots

Instead of the usual doll shoes, loafers or low-cut boots, blow the wind more vividly with stylish combat boots. At this time, matching items such as sweaters, backpacks or beret hats will bring harmony to the look.

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