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Different blazer combinations of three "beautiful sisters" Vbiz

 Ngo Thanh Van, Tang Thanh Ha and Thanh Hang have different blazer mix suggestions, creating an elegant, youthful appearance.

Tang Thanh Ha loves monochrome colors
Favoring the minimalist style, Ha Tang has been faithful to the monochrome look for many years.

The one-tone formula applied to the entire outfit helps the "pearl" do not need to spend a lot of effort to mix/match but still create a beautiful uniform set.

When wearing a blazer, Ha Tang often coordinates with a ton-sur-ton inner shirt, so her outfit always looks very delicate, not flashy.

When wearing a blazer, Ngo Thanh Van rarely combines with "cluck" pants / skirts, but on the contrary, she often coordinates with synchronized pants.
The suits are simple but still fit the body, perfecting the image of "female talent" for Vietnamese women on the screen.

To make the style more sophisticated, beauties choose simple tones or minimal checkered motifs with neutral colors that are both timeless and heighten.

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