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"Chinese Rolls-Royce" begins to conquer the European electric car market

Hongqi, a luxury car brand that is still likened to China's Rolls-Royce, has exported the first batch of electric cars to Norway.

The Hongqi (Hong Ky) brand of China's FAW Group has begun exporting a batch of E-HS9 luxury electric SUVs to Norway, marking the first step in its ambition to conquer the European market.

Famous as the favorite car brand of late Chinese President Mao Zedong (and still favored by many Chinese politicians today), Hongqi has undergone sweeping reforms in recent years.

The brand has launched many models with modern and eye-catching designs, especially after recruiting former Rolls-Royce design director Giles Taylor in 2018.
One of them is the E-HS9, an all-electric large SUV that has been chosen by Hongqi to start its journey to conquering demanding European consumers. And the first destination is Norway, the largest electric vehicle market in Europe today.

The first batch of Hongqi E-HS9 EV electric vehicles left the port in Changchun City, Jilin Province, China on September 29. In a press release, Hongqi said that the E-HS9 model has scored with many Norwegian customers thanks to its luxurious and elegant appearance with bold oriental accents.

In Norway, this electric SUV comes in two battery options - 84 kWh and 99 kWh, giving the car a range of 396 km and 465 km respectively after each charge (according to WLTP standards). Both of these battery packs support the DC CCS2 fast charging system with a capacity of 110 kW.

Two electric motors mounted on two axles form the AWD all-wheel drive system, for a combined output of 320 kW (429 hp) in the standard Comfort version and 405 kW (543 hp). in Premium and Exclusive versions use a larger battery pack.

The version with a 99 kWh battery pack is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds and reaching a maximum speed of 200 km / h (electronically limited).

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